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Here's How We Can Help You Get Your Food Product or Nutrition Message in the News!



Call on NTA, Inc. for:

  • Media Seminars
  • Recipe Development/Distribution and Food Photography
  • Satellite Media Tours
  • Deskside Briefings
  • Media Trips
  • Media Luncheons
  • Press Conferences and Media Symposia
  • Special Media Promotions

Recipe Videos

Beer Shrimp Salad

Hawaiian Stout Ribs

Onion Ale Dip

Orange BBQ Turkey Sliders

Cooking Light and Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

Media Seminars

NTA, Inc. has conducted numerous seminars for the editorial and test kitchen staffs of many popular consumer magazines. These seminars present food products, industry updates, chef and dietitian spokespersons, and general culinary trends in a new light. Our goal is to position your organization as the leading source of information about your product in the eyes of the press.

Recipe Development and Distribution/ Food Photography

The backbone of any food media marketing program is quality recipe development, testing and photography. This should be followed by effective distribution and follow-up with the press. NTA, Inc. has conducted comprehensive recipe programs for many leading food industries, including chicken, beer, sugar and nuts. These recipes and photographs are featured regularly in top-circulated newspapers and on leading food blogs.

Satellite Media Tours

If television or radio exposure in local markets is part of your public relations plan, NTA, Inc. can develop a satellite or radio media tour for your spokesperson. Working from one studio, a spokesperson will appear on local news or entertainment shows in markets around the country, delivering nutrition or health news, discussing a new product or even conducting a cooking demonstration.


Deskside Briefings

Make your news interesting to the press! If your company or organization has big food or nutrition news in the works, it may make sense to brief top journalists ahead of time. NTA, Inc. can arrange meetings for your spokesperson with food, health and nutrition journalists in New York or across the country.

Food Media Seminar

Media Trips

On behalf of a variety of clients, NTA, Inc. creates and executes press trips, across the country and around the world. These trips take the media straight to your story, introducing journalists to hot culinary and industry trends, food products, restaurants, chefs and more. Media trips also provide unparalleled opportunities to network with influential food and nutrition writers.

NTA, Inc. media trips include:

• Las Vegas, NV; Miami, FL; Washington, DC; Philadelphia, PA; New Orleans, LA, Charleston, SC; New Bern/ Kinston, NC; Eastern Shore, MD - National Chicken Council
• Santa Barbara, CA - Paramount Farms
• Charleston, SC - Restaurant Business Magazine
• Chicago, IL - National Confectioners Association
• Berlin, Germany - Lichtwer Pharma
• Paris, France - Le Cordon Bleu
• St. Lucia - Chocolate Manufacturers Association

Press Conferences and Media Symposia

NTA, Inc. executed national press conferences for groups such as the American Diabetes Association, featuring singer Gladys Knight. We have also developed and hosted nationally-recognized nutrition and science meetings for the International Tree Nut Council and the National Beer Wholesalers Association. These media symposia bring together health and food journalists, and leading nutrition scientists and researchers.

Special Media Promotions

NTA, Inc. works with food companies and industries to design special media promotions that "show, as well as "tell" a story. For the Sugar Association, we worked with bakers to prepare sugar cookies for delivery to journalists across the country. We've sent chefs to journalists' homes and offices to prepare meals using client products. Let us cook up a novel idea for you