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Up-to-Date Nutrition News

If your food or beverage product has a nutrition or culinary story to tell, NTA, Inc. can take it to your consumers!

We work to educate food, nutrition and health journalists, as well as health professionals like registered dietitians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners, who in turn influence shoppers and consumers. Call NTA, Inc. and let's discuss the best way to get your messages out.

Cookbooks & Consumer Recipe Brochures

NTA Inc's talented food and nutrition writers simplify and deliver culinary and nutrition news. We've developed many consumer brochures, websites, cookbooks, and other publications. Here is just a sample:


The Chicken Cookbook (Four Editions) - 125-Page Paperback Cookbook Featuring Recipes from Each National Chicken Cooking Contest—Over 100,000 copies of each edition in print
• America's Chefs Love Cooking with Chicken
• Chicken on a Budget


• Cheers to Good Health (National Beer Wholesalers Association)
• Brewing up a Great Meal (National Beer Wholesalers Association)
• Go Nuts, Go Healthy (International Tree Nut Council)
• Fit for Life (National Sugar Association)

Chicken Cooking Contest and Cookbook

Beer Contest Event

Press Conferences and Media Symposia

NTA, Inc. executed national press conferences for groups such as the American Diabetes Association, featuring singer Gladys Knight. We have also developed and hosted nationally-recognized nutrition and science meetings for the International Tree Nut Council and the National Beer Wholesalers Association. These media symposia bring together health and food journalists, and leadiing nutrition scientists and researchers.

Satellie Media Tours

If television or radio exposure in local markets is part of your public relations plan, NTA, Inc. can develop a satellite or radio media tour for your spokesperson. Working from one studio, a spokesperson will appear on local news or entertainment shows in markets around the country, delivering nutrition or health news, discussing a new product or even conducting a cooking demonstration.

Health Industry Professional Meetings

Stragetigize with NTA, Inc. on taking your products and messages directly to health professionals through association meetings. We've worked with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the American College of Gynecologists, the Academy of Physician Assistants, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Dental Association and more. We'll make your exhibit show booth, your handouts and your messages and presentations to attendees stand out.

Deskside Briefings

Make your news interesting to the press! If your company or organization has big food or nutrition news in the works, it may make sense to brief top journalists ahead of time. NTA, Inc. can arrange meetings for your spokesperson with food, health and nutrition journalists in New York or across the country.

Food Media Seminar